Environmental Product Optimisation

Environmental Product Optimisation is commonly known by other names, such as ecodesign or sustainable design. However, at Rohrssen Engineering & Design we believe this term better describes a rigurous and fact based process that achieves in the end a product that fulfills it´s functions with the besst possible impact on the planet.

Creating products that add social and environmental value is central to our philosophy, and a particular area of expertise.

Within the technical and functional constraints of a new product, measurable environmental and social benefits for a design can be engineered. This has to do with the material selection and optimisation, but also with the conceptual design and how the product interacts with its environment.

Optimising the environmental performance of a product allows companies to set themselves apart from the competition, motivate employees and customer engagement, as well as create non-monetary value.

Industrialisation has provided a great many benefits to humanity, but does not have to create an unsupportable burden on our ecosystems.